“My aim is to document those spectacular moments that make life worth while, so that those moments may be preserved even when memory begin to fail”



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Hi, I’m Liesl. Cape Town based wedding photographer. Romantic at heart. Outdoor enthusiast. Self diagnosed ice-cream addict. Lover of natural beauty. And, of course, extremely passionate about wedding photography and still a die-hard believer in love conquering all.

I started my photography career in 2012 after completing my BA Information Design degree at the University of Pretoria. In order to learn as much as I could about wedding photography and the industry as a whole, I spent time working for and learning from some truly amazing photographers, including  Melanie WesselsRensche MariYolande Marx and Wesley Forster, before starting my own photography business.

Since then I have had the privilege of shooting weddings all over South Africa, as well as getting my first international booking last year in Zanzibar. I have also had the honour of being featured on various wedding publications, including the internationally acclaimed Rock ‘n Roll Bride.

But the best part of my whole career to date, hands down, has been the wonderful responses and feedback from my clients, and knowing that I managed to capture a part of their precious day, to be preserved for years to come. It is my passion and aim to document those spectacular moments that make life worth while, so that those moments may be preserved even when memory begin to fail.


I believe that your wedding day is, above all else, your wedding day. I realise this might sound like I’m stating the obvious, but between the expected personal and family photographs, there is the danger of a wedding day quickly becoming a photo shoot. Which is what I try to avoid.

So I try, as far as possible, to let your day unfold as naturally as possible, by using  a documentary approach to shooting. This means I don’t pose shots. I let you be you, and your wedding day be your wedding day. I encourage my couples to interact with each other as if I weren’t there, and guests to carry on laughing and joking instead of looking at me and my lens.

There are of course the few posed shots, like the family photographs and couple shoot – you did get all dressed up after all and some photos are therefore in order – however I do not believe taking three hours to take these photographs is necessary, or appropriate. I therefore keep these sessions as short and to the point as possible so that you can get back to your family and guests to celebrate – since that’s really what a wedding day is about: a celebration. Not a photo shoot.



My shooting technique is called natural light photography, and it goes hand in hand with my shooting philosophy. I try to avoid using any artificial lights (flashes, light boxes, reflectors, etc) as much as possible, and primarily make use of the natural light available in any space. There are two main reasons for this:

The first is that I feel flash photography interrupts natural moments from happening – most people cannot help looking at a camera once the flash has gone off – and I don’t like interrupting real moments like you saying your vows or an emotional speech from a father to his daughter, by sticking a bright light in your faces.

My second reason for using natural light is the soft, romantic feel it allows me to create with my camera. Flash photography creates sharp, contrasty photographs, while natural light photography creates softer, more romantic images, like those seen on my website.


If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to contact me using my contact form. I would love to hear from you!

Happy wedding planning!

Liesl le Roux
Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer
Cape Town


Portraits of me taken by Yolande Marx & Debbie Lourens. Hair & makeup by Ida Webster.